Sanus Per Aquam means; "health comes from water". Water treatment or by using water to treat means, complementary therapy using water hot or cold in different methods ( like using standing water, flow, drop, shower and spray ) to feel relaxed and fresh.

It is known that in the old days, people were used to go to the termal springs and healing water to relieve their physiological and psychological disease. Nowadays, people who are willing to relax, to regenerate peace within their minds and to facilitate the stress of life prefer going to " Day SPA's" in hotels, spor clubs and resorts.

During recent years, the modern, " protective" and " complementary" medical sciences are working in harmony to keep body and spirit healthy to prevent illnesses and to make life worth living. These methods originated from the ancient civilizations of Rome, Anatolia, Egypt, India and the Far East provide a harmony in body, mind and spirit using natural products consciously.